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We have come a long way since our foundation in 1987

Thankfully, we haven’t done it alone. Many of our clients that have relied on us in the past continue to do so and, together, we have grown, adding more services and companies to the Group. This has been possible thanks to our staff who has gained experience during this process and has maintained the same spirit and enthusiasm as day one.

Expertus Group Chronology



Expertus Logística Auxiliar


Expertus CPM


Expertus Material Punto de Venta


Expertus Multiservicios


Expertus Integra


Expertus Servicios de Atención al Público

Expertus Servicios Hoteleros

Expertus Servicios Empresariales Avanzados

Expertus Empresa de Trabajo Temporal

Expertus Technology Software


Expertus Turismo y Ocio

Expertus TRO

Expertus Plataformas Digitales


Expertus Asesores y Juristas

Expertus Servicios Informáticos

Expertus Correduría de Seguros


Expertus Diseño y Gestión de Obras

Expertus Selección, Formación y Consultoría de Recursos Humanos


Expertus Blueviser


Expertus The List Agency

Expertus Teleinter

Expertus Gestión de Activos Turísticos

Expertus Ingeniería y Telecomunicaciones

Nowadays, our group is among the largest services groups in Spain.


We are one of the most important service groups in Spain and the first in specialized services for businesses.


For us, every client, every project, is unique. We offer our clients solutions that work with their needs.


Throughout our 18 offices we offer our clients local and national planning ensuring them the attention and dedication they need.


Our clients confidence is our best business asset, and the fact that many of them have trusted our services for over 10 years proves it.


We care a lot about the safety and health of all our employees. For this reason, they all comply with the Occupational Risk Prevention Law.

Code of Ethics

Ethics, integrity, honesty, efficiency, and transparency are essential corporate values of Expertus Group, in all our actions.

We provide you with Expertus Group’s Code of Ethics that states the values, principles and ethical guidelines in our daily activity.

Code of Ethics

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