Occupational Risk Prevention

We guarantee the safety and health of our employees

Our Occupational Risk Prevention service covers all of Expertus Group’s companies and therefore all the personnel that will work for you in any of our activities.

Our work protocol has been approved by the Ministry of Labour and regional agencies and all our companies have positive Occupational Hazards audits and ISO standards accreditation.

Since 2011, our Occupational Risk Prevention Service has been a success at all levels, thanks to everyone’s efforts and cooperation.

We assess

We assess work safety risk factors, Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics and Applied Psychology.

We coordinate

We coordinate preventive activities at our clients’ facilities.

We adapt

We adapt the Risk Prevention plans to current regulations and to the type of service we provide.

We control

We control risk and reduce accidents.

We inform

We inform and train our workers.

We take care

We take care of the health of our workers thanks to the collaboration with renowned services (Prevention Society QUIRONPREVENCION and FREMAP Prevention Service).

We follow up

We carry out periodic documented monitoring and controls of the working conditions in the centres of our own companies, in those belonging to our clients and in those where our employees are present.

We arrange

We prepare and arrange the necessary documentation to obtain regulatory external audit certificates for each company.